2016 Row by Row

The period for obtaining free patterns for the 2016 Row by Row ended on September 6th.  Kits and patterns have gone into hibernation until November 1st.  This year I collected kits from Tennessee, Michigan, Alabama and North Carolina.  I was even able to purchase a kit from another RxR enthusiast in California.  Over the next few weeks, I will be placing pre-orders for kits that will fill out three quilts that I plan to make.  Hope I can get them all!

Quilt #1

img_0978 img_0975 img_0971 img_0977







Quilt #2

img_0969 img_0967 img_0965 img_0961








img_0956 img_0955 img_0951 img_0953



Farewell to Michigan ~ Hello Tennessee

IMG_2841 IMG_2820

On June 30th, we said farewell to our home in Commerce, Michigan and hello to our new temporary home in Tennessee.  One of the first events we did after arriving was to go to see a baseball game between the Tennessee Smokies and the Jackson Generals. The Smokies won the game and there was an awesome firework display after the game on the 4th of July.

IMG_2868 IMG_2864

My friend Janice from Quilts of Compassion said, “Never say, Good-bye… Always say, See you soon…”

Corn Bags


We had staged our house with some of our friend’s furniture while they built their house.  After they moved in, we delivered the furniture to them and I helped my friend make the muslin corn bag and fabric cover for her friend, Barbara.  Still inspired to make more corn bags, I made this Michigan corn bag for our daughter Jacki when we returned to Michigan from Tennessee.  I had this block all made when I was designing the 2015 row for CQK.  I didn’t use it for that purpose so I re-purposed it into a corn bag cover.  The corn bag cover front is quilted.  Now Jacki can no longer say, “Everyone has a corn bag except me!”

IMG_2429 IMG_2431

Pillowcases for Mother’s Day

IMG_2200 IMG_2750

This fabric was purchased in Appleton while helping my Mom during her second knee replacement.  I made these pillowcases on May 4th, 2016 and gifted them to my Mom on Mother’s Day.  As with with most gifts I make for my Mom, she either puts them away or gives them back.  So, when we set up her new furniture in the Douglas house, we placed them on her bed.  Now I just need to make a better quilt for her bed.

Flannel Baby Quilt

Flannel Baby Quilt pameladianedesigns.com

Flannel Baby Quilt

I went to Wisconsin this past week to dog sit and to assist my Mom in getting back and forth to PT while my sister was in Las Vegas and Missouri.  During my stay, I constructed this flannel baby quilt top from a picture I took at Quilter’s Garden in Fenton.  There was no pattern but they sold me the fabric and allowed me to take the picture.  I will be taking this to the Ann Arbor Sewing Center to have them quilt with minky fabric as the backing.

Counter Bath Mats

Before we left for Tennessee on March 9th, I shipped four more counter bath mats to our daughter and son-in-law in Virginia.

Counter Bath Mats for Aaron & Lauren pameladianedesigns.com

Counter Bath Mats
for Aaron & Lauren

I already had the blocks completed except for quilting and binding.  My quilting is much improved from February 15, 2014 when I made the first batch of four counter bath mats.

My favorite mat is the green and blue one and it is my SIL’s favorite too.  I absolutely love the backing & binding on it.  The fabric is by Kate Spain.  I only bought a FQ so I called the Quilt Patch and purchased the rest of the sale bolt (7 yards) to use on future projects.