Sock Monkey Quilt

Sock Monkey Quilt

Sock Monkey Quilt

Last year, Madeline from Heritage Quilters had received a very large fabric donation from a friend.  We all sorted through the fabric and each of us took fabrics to make items for various charity organizations (e.g. bibs, lap quilts, etc.)  I selected 5 coordinating sock monkey FQ’s and added a red and brown FQ from my stash along with Kona White for this project.

The QofC quilt is designed to use 8-6″xWOF pieces of fabric not FQ’s.  So… I went on a hunt for a block or quilt that utilized a fat quarter.  I found a quilt (42″x55″) made by  Cindy Lou’s Southern Sewing that would work well.  Cindy had used a variation of the Happy Blocks pattern from a quilt (44″x58″) made by Adrianne at Little Bluebell.  I chose Cindy’s block size for this charity quilt because the width of the quilt was equal to WOF for the backing.  Now that I am all done, I noticed that Cindy kept the longest strip of each block on top while Adrianne rotated the longest strip of each block counter clockwise with each successive block.

Fabric Requirements:


1 FQ ~ Cut 12- 4″ x 4″ (Center Monkey Faces or White Kona)

6 FQ ~ Cut 2- 4″ x 4″ + 4- 4″ x 7.5″ + 2- 4″ x 11″  (Plain Pink, Polka Dot, Pink Monkey, Blue Monkey, Brown, Red)


White Kona: 1 yd

Vertical sashing between each block: 1 strips- 3″x WOF subcut 8-  11″

Horizontal sashing between each row: 3 strips- 3″ x WOF subcut 3-  37″

Border top/bottom/sides: 5 strips- 3.25″ x WOF


Red with multi-colored lifesaver circles: 2 yds

Backing: 55″ x WOF

Binding: 5 strips- 2.5″ x WOF

Quilt size: 42″ x 55″

I really like when the centers are the same color as the background (like Quilt for Baby Kaylee).  Cindy used 12 different fabrics but I rarely have that many coordinating fabrics in my stash.  I want limit the number of FQ’s used and also get to a a more effective use of each FQ.  They say, “Third time’s a charm”.

Welcome to 2016 ~ Quilts of Compassion

Welcome to a brand New Year 2016!

With the excitement of new beginnings, it is so important to remember those in need.  We ended 2015 with much sadness for many in South Carolina, Texas, Missouri and Illinois.  Massive flooding and tornadoes hit these areas and many folks will have to re-build their homes and lives, some without loved ones.

After I heard and saw the devastation in Texas, I decided to step up my effort for a charity that is near and dear to my heart, Quilts of Compassion.  I have been making quilts since April 2014 donating time, effort, fabric and batting.  With each quilt that is made, I pray for the person who will receive it.  I pray that the quilt will keep them warm and that they know that it is sent with love and hope.

My first step was to re-commit my effort to such a wonderful group of people and cause who support people in need.  Next, an order to JoAnn’s for 2 rolls of batting and then to my closet to pull as many fabrics to piece together new quilts.  Lastly, attend the monthly sew-in events at The Quilt Patch on the 1st Saturday of each month from 10am-3pm.

Quilts of Compassion - 21st Quilt

Quilts of Compassion – 21st Quilt

Quilts of Compassion - 22nd Quilt

Quilts of Compassion – 22nd Quilt

Quilts of Compassion - 25th Quilt

Quilts of Compassion – 25th Quilt

Please visit Quilts of Compassion on Facebook and join the effort of giving from your heart doing something you love to share with someone in need.

South Carolina Deployment: January 6-10, 2016

Texas Deployment: February 20-28, 2016

Scrappy Quilt: All Things Spring

All Things Spring

All Things Spring

This quilt began with picking leftover fabrics from past projects.  The center of the quilt started out as a quilt for Quilts of Compassion.  After the center was finished, I wanted more from this quilt.  The fabrics in the center encompassed several beautiful gifts that I had given to some very special people in my life.

Center fabrics are from:

  • My 1st quilt
  • Lauren’s placemats
  • Jacki’s placemats
  • Janice’s iPad case

The original name for this quilt was Pretty in Pink, however it was more purple than pink.  As I sat in my sewing room binding this quilt at the end of May, it reminded me of Springtime in Michigan.  The sights, sounds and smells brought a warm cozy feel as  it lay in my lap.  It reminded me of the disappearing or occasional snow, the grey skies, the flowers and birds, the emergence of green grass, the ripples on the lake as the ice began to melt, the color of the Redbud trees and the smell of the blooming lilacs at my Nana’s house in Douglas.  So… I have officially renamed this quilt:  All Things Spring.  It was quilted by Pam Heldt from Warm Memories Quilting who chose a beautiful flower and butterfly design.

As a former analyst/requirements writer/process engineer, I am always looking to improve something.  Ever since I started quilting, I have looked for the “rules” or “techniques” to the perfect binding and labeling.  I machine bind all my quilts because a quilt would never get finished if I had to hand bind it.  I have used the straight stitch up until now.  On this quilt, I used stitch #48 from my Brother XR1355 which is the reverse and similar to stitch #12 that I use for appliqué.  It creates a much softer finish and works well when the backing fabric and the outer front border are the same color.

IMG_9857 IMG_9858 IMG_9859

One last thing to finish…  Add a perfect label but most of all… Gift it to someone special.

Charity Quilt: Pseudo Disappearing 9-Patch

Pseudo Disappearing 9-Patch Beaded Bracelets

Pseudo Disappearing 9-Patch
Beaded Bracelets

With all the unfinished quilts in my sewing room, there I go again and start another quilt.  I love everything about this quilt.  The design, the colors, the fabrics and the reason for making this quilt.   It looks like a Disappearing 9-Patch but it is not built as such.  It has the perfect use of fabric.  It is made of six blocks and finishes 36″ x 54″ to create a nice lap quilt.  Add six more blocks and it will make a perfect twin-size quilt.  The hidden design includes seven Illinois roads.  It reminds me of beaded bracelets that you might wear in the summer and winter.

The original quilt I saw with this design added a 6 1/2″ strip border of the background fabric with corner squares in the fabric of the small squares with a multi-colored binding of the colors of the large squares.  The chevron fabric and whiskey colored fabric were left over from the Crown Royal Quilt finished in December.  The backing (not shown) is a beautiful creamy turquoise and Indian motorcycle fabrics.   I was hoping to finish this quilt in time for the delivery of quilts to Illinois for Quilts of Compassion, but I really wanted it quilted.  Donna will quilt it and I will bind it next month.  I will most likely bind with the chevron fabric.

Fabric Requirements: Lap Quilt (double for twin-size)

Large Squares: 6 – 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ each from 4 Fat Quarters (Chevron, Purple, Green, Turquoise)

Small Squares: 2 – 3 1/2″ x WOF ** (Whiskey)

Background: 2 – 6 1/2″ x WOF ** and 3 – 3 1/2″ x WOF subcut to 6 1/2″ (Grey)

** Sew together then subcut to 3 1/2″

IMG_9629 IMG_9630 IMG_9631

Charity Quilt: Disappearing 3-Rail

Disappearing 3-Rail Hugs & Kisses in all Directions

Disappearing 3-Rail
Hugs & Kisses in all Directions

This bright quilt has been sitting in my sewing room waiting to be quilted, however I struggled to find the right backing fabric.  I finally decided to check the Quilt Patch sale room to see if there was enough of either the red or blue fabric left in stock.  I purchased the end of bolt of the red fabric for the back and enough blue to bind this quilt.  This quilt will be donated to Quilts of Compassion.  Donna took it home to quilt it on her long arm and I will bind it next month.