Stash Buster Saturday: Pillow and Quilt

Stash Buster Saturday Amish Whirl - Pillow

Stash Buster Saturday
Amish Whirl – Pillow

Sometimes when making a quilt I make a smaller project like a pillow or mug rug to experiment with thread color choice and quilting design for the quilt.  A deep grey thread, the color of the border, was used.  Stitch in the ditch was used for the center with triangle outline  and three rows of straight stitch for the border.  Given a chance for a do-over, I would have made different choices.  I would love to hear feedback and input from others on what they would do.

It’s been a long time since I made a pillow and boy do you forget a lot in 3 years.  The actual pillow insert is 14″.  The block is 12.5″ with a 2″ strip of grey added.  The cotton piping is 12/32″.  One fat quarter of blue Kona was used for the back.  The back was originally sewed to have an overlap closure but a zipper was added instead because the flaps wouldn’t stay closed.  Thank goodness for the 16″ blue zipper hanging around my sewing room!

Pillow Reminders:

  1. Make pillow top 1″ bigger than pillow insert
  2. For overlap back. plan 3″ extra on each panel (ex. 15″ pillow top / 2 = 7.5″ + 3″ = 10.5″ (make 2))
  3. Plan for 5/8″ seam when sewing front and back together especially when using cotton piping
  4. Piping fabric was cut at 1 3/4″ but should have been 2″.  Add 1.5″ to piping size.
Stash Buster Saturday Amish Whirl - Quilt Top

Stash Buster Saturday
Amish Whirl – Quilt Top

The quilt for my grandson needs the borders added.  The quilt measures 36″ x 60″ using 15 blocks.  I used the extra block for the pillow.  Inner (2″/1.5″) and outer (2.5″/2″)  grey borders will be added with the multi-colored stripe (1″/.5″) in between creating a border that looks like a road.  A square dance all over quilt design will be used. Or maybe, some sort of swirl…