Sock Monkey Quilt

Sock Monkey Quilt

Sock Monkey Quilt

Last year, Madeline from Heritage Quilters had received a very large fabric donation from a friend.  We all sorted through the fabric and each of us took fabrics to make items for various charity organizations (e.g. bibs, lap quilts, etc.)  I selected 5 coordinating sock monkey FQ’s and added a red and brown FQ from my stash along with Kona White for this project.

The QofC quilt is designed to use 8-6″xWOF pieces of fabric not FQ’s.  So… I went on a hunt for a block or quilt that utilized a fat quarter.  I found a quilt (42″x55″) made by  Cindy Lou’s Southern Sewing that would work well.  Cindy had used a variation of the Happy Blocks pattern from a quilt (44″x58″) made by Adrianne at Little Bluebell.  I chose Cindy’s block size for this charity quilt because the width of the quilt was equal to WOF for the backing.  Now that I am all done, I noticed that Cindy kept the longest strip of each block on top while Adrianne rotated the longest strip of each block counter clockwise with each successive block.

Fabric Requirements:


1 FQ ~ Cut 12- 4″ x 4″ (Center Monkey Faces or White Kona)

6 FQ ~ Cut 2- 4″ x 4″ + 4- 4″ x 7.5″ + 2- 4″ x 11″  (Plain Pink, Polka Dot, Pink Monkey, Blue Monkey, Brown, Red)


White Kona: 1 yd

Vertical sashing between each block: 1 strips- 3″x WOF subcut 8-  11″

Horizontal sashing between each row: 3 strips- 3″ x WOF subcut 3-  37″

Border top/bottom/sides: 5 strips- 3.25″ x WOF


Red with multi-colored lifesaver circles: 2 yds

Backing: 55″ x WOF

Binding: 5 strips- 2.5″ x WOF

Quilt size: 42″ x 55″

I really like when the centers are the same color as the background (like Quilt for Baby Kaylee).  Cindy used 12 different fabrics but I rarely have that many coordinating fabrics in my stash.  I want limit the number of FQ’s used and also get to a a more effective use of each FQ.  They say, “Third time’s a charm”.

Walker Caddy

Walker Caddy

Walker Caddy

In October my mom had knee surgery and has to use a walker as part of her rehab.  The rehab facility provided a walker caddy of green and grey for her to store necessity items that she wanted to keep with her.  I spent a month in Wisconsin after she left the rehab facility to assist her with in-home PT, driving to PT, grocery shopping and helping with other life skills.  The goal of my stay was to transition her towards independence.  However, she still has to use the walker while she works on her core strength and balance.  As the holiday drew near, I made a new and much cheerier walker caddy for her before I headed home.

Fabric Requirements:

1/2 yard Fabric 1 (non-directional snowflake)

1/2 yard Fabric 2 (non-directional snowman)

1/2 yard Pellon 809 Interfacing

Pattern Directions:

  1. Cut Fabric 1, Fabric 2 and Interfacing 18″ x 32″
  2. From remaining Fabric 1 or Fabric 2, cut 4-2.5″ x 18″ straps
  3. Fold each strap RST lengthwise and sew 1/4″ seam on one of the narrow ends.  Turn strap RSO and press lengthwise in half.  Press both long side in 1/4″ and stitch together.  Repeat 4x.
  4. Layer Interfacing and Fabric 1 right side up.  Pin unfinished end of each strap 12″ from corner on the long sides, two on each side.  Place Fabric 2 right side down.  Sew 1/4″ around the perimeter leaving a 2-3″ opening along one of the sides.  Turn right sides of fabric and straps out, poking corners out and press.  Machine stitch opening closed.  Top stitch 1/8″ around the entire perimeter.
  5. Fold and pin fabric sandwich up so that the open edge of pocket is at the top of both straps creating a 6″ pocket. Repeat at the other end.
  6. Top stitch  1/4″ on both long sides to secure pocket ends.
  7. Create smaller pockets by stitching from bottom of pocket to top of pocket and back down to the bottom of the pocket.

Here is what the walker caddy looks like when finished.

Walker Caddy

Walker Caddy