Heritage Quilters – Charity Donations

About one year ago, I joined a very small quilt group, Heritage Quilters of Brighton.  The group meets on the third Friday of the month, except July and August.  Meetings rotate to each of the member’s homes.  On the first Tuesday of the month, members gather for a Sew-In event at Creative Quilt Kits in Brighton.

Below are completed donations for different charity organizations.

IMG_8667 IMG_9718

Lovely burial gowns for preemie infants made by Linda and her daughter from Pam’s wedding gown.

IMG_9042 IMG_9040

IMG_9038 IMG_9036

IMG_9847 IMG_9846


Bibs made by Linda, Pam and Shirley for the senior center.

IMG_9033 IMG_9035

IMG_9714 IMG_9715 IMG_9716


Lap and wheel chair quilts made by Linda, Madeline and Mavis for the senior center.

Fabric donations are from friends of Madeline and from members’ stash.