2014 Sewing and Quilting Goals

This morning I woke early and thought it might be a good idea to establish some Sewing and Quilting Goals for 2014.

1. Organize my scrap fabric.

2. Find uses for scrap fabric and scrap batting.

3. Identify a source that sells good, quality solid-colored fabric.

4. Finish projects that you start.

5. Officially launch website.  Incorporate social media avenues and participate in Affiliate programs.

6.  Publish Sewing and Quilting Portfolio for past years (since October 3, 2011 which is the day I retired).

7. Catalog stash including fabric name, location purchased, size and cost.

8. Learn to make valances, drapery and roman shades.

9. Make costumes from Disney Frozen movie, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, for Ellie and Troy.

10. Attend first quilt show.