Corn Bags


We had staged our house with some of our friend’s furniture while they built their house.  After they moved in, we delivered the furniture to them and I helped my friend make the muslin corn bag and fabric cover for her friend, Barbara.  Still inspired to make more corn bags, I made this Michigan corn bag for our daughter Jacki when we returned to Michigan from Tennessee.  I had this block all made when I was designing the 2015 row for CQK.  I didn’t use it for that purpose so I re-purposed it into a corn bag cover.  The corn bag cover front is quilted.  Now Jacki can no longer say, “Everyone has a corn bag except me!”

IMG_2429 IMG_2431

Corn Bag Cover

Tractor Block Farm Girl Vintage

Tractor Block
Farm Girl Vintage

For Father’s Day, I made and gifted this awesome corn bag to my husband.  I kept trying to coax him up to my sewing room to pick fabric for the cover but he wouldn’t venture into my space.  When he retired four years ago, he bought himself a Kubota tractor.  It has been a godsend in our day to day chores.  So I looked for tractor fabric with orange tractors but could only find fabric with red, yellow and green tractors.  Thank goodness for the new pattern book, Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt.  I created a mini-version of the Tractor Block to make a really cute cover.  And the tractor is orange!