Tips ‘n Tricks

1. T0 marry print fabrics with a cream background and print fabrics with a white background on the same block, try using a cream fabric with white print (e.g. Moda Muslin Mates) (Blog on Counter Bath Mats published on 2/15/14)

2. Use the ruler as the guide to cut fabric instead of the mat for a more accurate measurement and cut.  (Diana at Quilts of Compassion Sew-In on 4/5/14)

3. When you purchase thread, buy 2 spools of the same color so you don’t have to unthread your machine to run a new bobbin.

4.  Use the the end of the cut off zipper to create the zipper pull.

5.  When using white fabric on your quilt top, use white batting.  Natural color batting will diffuse the brightness of the white.