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Leftover Fabric from a Project = Scraps

When you have leftover fabrics from a project, you think of them as scraps.  Generally scraps come in small pieces but sometimes they can be quite large.

In Quilting, scraps often are and can be used in other projects because the fabric is generally 100% cotton.  Future projects can be made with these scraps if it fits the bill on color, style or value.

In Sewing, however, it is often difficult to use the leftover fabrics for future projects because of the different types of materials used.  Also with sewing, the bigger the scrap, the better.  It is hard to make a top, dress or pant, from a small scrap.  Most of my sewing scraps come from making costumes for the grandkids.  I have, on occasion, found opportunities to use some of the fabrics in smaller quilting projects.

Available Sewing Scraps

Chef Costume

White Broadcloth:  21″ x 30″ + Scraps

Nurse Costume

Pink Elephants: Scraps

Beach Cover-ups

Pink Terrycloth

Blue Car Flannel: 2/3 yard x WOF

Super Hero Capes

Red Vinyl

White Vinyl

Blue Vinyl

Gold Vinyl

Knight Costume

Dark Grey Felt:  20″ x WOF + Scraps

Light Grey Felt: Scraps

Merida Costume

Teal Organza

Teal Satin

Batman Costume

Black Felt: 1 1/3 yard x WOF + Scraps

Yellow Felt: 7.5″ x 9″

Elsa Costume

Turquoise Knit:  2 yards x WOF + Scraps

Turquoise Mesh:  21″ x WOF + Scraps

White Organza:  15″ x WOF + Scraps

White Snowflake Organza:  18″ x WOF + Scraps

Blue Snowflake Organza:  2 yards x WOF