About Me

Photo taken by Ernie Cameron

Photo taken by
Ernie Cameron

Hi, I am Pamela Diane.

What’s not to love…  I love…

My husband of 39 years who is Mickey

Our two daughters who call me Mama and Mommy

Our two grandchildren who call me Mimi

My brothers and sisters who call me Peter Pam

The rest of my  immediate and extended family

Special people in heaven who are near and dear to my heart

All our motorcycle friends

My sewing and quilting buddies

32 years at AT&T as a Technical Architect (mainframe computer geek)

Being retired since October 2011 (I think)

My two motorcycles, Julianne and Annabelle

Traveling this beautiful country

Flowers and Gardening

Publishing and writing

Sewing and Modern Quilting

The color green, and orange, and purple ( any bright color)

Fabric, fabric and more fabric

Clocks even though I’m never on time or adhere to a schedule

Giraffes because they are quiet like me and alway have their head in the trees like me

and Living on the Edge.


I am grateful every day for my faith in God and

to the men and women who fight for our freedom.

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