Bed Runner

Bed Runner Block #biggestblockever

Bed Runner Block

There are so many things I love about quilting.  I have learned so much about design, color and value. I experience an inner peace, appreciation and gratitude when piecing.  There is sense of pride and personal accomplishment thought out the process.  But most of all, with every quilt there is a story to be told.  And so the story begins…

This block started with a single fabric and initial idea.  We had a fabric swap at our Heritage Quilter’s meeting and I selected the brown fabric from Rita.  I love the small print of orange and cream flowers.  As I headed home from the meeting, I stopped at the LQS Lake Street Mercantile in South Lyon and I chose three fabrics in the Farmer’s Market collection from Moda, 1 FQ Cream 2084-11, 1 yd Cherry 2084-12 and 1 yd Rose 2084-13.  The idea was that I would make some pot holders with these fabrics.

I follow 5 bloggers which I love to read and who truly inspire me.  This project started as a potholder and will finish as a bed runner.  The center of this big block was going to be a potholder.  The design comes from Faith at Fresh Lemons Quilts and is inspired by her Poinsettia pattern.  You can purchase the pattern here or here. Once I finished the center, I decided it was way to pretty to be a potholder.  So I put it away and life went on.

We have been working on getting our house ready to sell and one of the projects was to update the master bath and bedroom.  I found a simple cream colored quilt at Bed Bath and Beyond for $30.  I know, I am a quilter and I buy a quilt.  I couldn’t make a quilt for that price!  The challenge now was how to dress up this very simple quilt.  So I thought that a bed runner would do just the trick.  I was going to do drapery with a different line of fabric but then I had an Ah ha moment.  What about using the Poinsettia block as the center of a bigger block.

As I scoured Pinterest for ideas, I ran across a table runner by Lori from Bee in my Bonnet.  The table runner was made with one of the blocks from her Cut.Press.Sew.Quilt pattern.  In the table runner she uses three of these blocks, smaller in size, with a solid center.  You can purchase the pattern here.

So I calculated the fabric requirements for a bigger block and prayed I had enough fabric to make at least two blocks or maybe even three blocks.  I rummaged through my fabrics to see what other fabric in my sewing room that I could use as background for this block and I found this cream muslin.  I can’t even remember what project it was planned for or why I bought it.  But suddenly it found a new home.  I felt like Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts who can make such beautiful things from scraps in her sewing room.

I cut out just one block and began piecing.  It made me think of Lee from Freshly Pieced and how could I piece this quickly.  And, oh my goodness, another WIP!  And, by the way, I haven’t seen any blog post lately because she is re-doing her kitchen.  I share the pain and excitement.  Rather be sewing but excited to change the space around you.

Well, I won’t be finishing this project within the next week or so because the drywall guys are repairing a seam in my sewing room ceiling and the entire room is covered in plastic.  Two days ago I sat down and cried my eyes out.   My sewing room was one of the only rooms in the house which was not being worked on and I could escape there to get away from the mess!  I hope one day to be able to finish quilts as quickly as Ann Marie from Run and Sew Quilts.

Quilting is an evolution of change.  Some people are afraid of change and others embrace change. Let the design and fabric inspire you to make beautiful change.

Vacation Projects

Each summer I take a week in July to vacation with my sister in West Michigan.  We sew and go to the beach.  This year we went with Mom and she kept us quite busy with other projects however we still finished some of our sewing/quilting projects.

Quilted Fleece for Mom

Quilted Fleece for Mom

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Coffee Mug Rugs

Thread Catchers for CQK

Thread Catchers for CQK