Corn Bag Cover

Tractor Block Farm Girl Vintage

Tractor Block
Farm Girl Vintage

For Father’s Day, I made and gifted this awesome corn bag to my husband.  I kept trying to coax him up to my sewing room to pick fabric for the cover but he wouldn’t venture into my space.  When he retired four years ago, he bought himself a Kubota tractor.  It has been a godsend in our day to day chores.  So I looked for tractor fabric with orange tractors but could only find fabric with red, yellow and green tractors.  Thank goodness for the new pattern book, Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt.  I created a mini-version of the Tractor Block to make a really cute cover.  And the tractor is orange!

Thread Catcher #5

Another Thread Catcher is done and I do believe that this is my most favorite to date!  I just love the outer fabric that was gifted to me by Thelma from CQK so she is the lucky recipient of this beauty.  The coral lining fabric was one of the prize FQ’s from the 2014 Row by Row.  I couldn’t believe it when I found coordinating jumbo Rick Rack (color:  Paradise Pink/Rose/Rosado Coral) at JoAnn’s.

IMG_9861 IMG_9862

This will not be the last Thread Catcher I make because I still don’t have one!  I am also teaching the class at Creative Quilt Kits on July 25th from 10am-3pm.

Scrappy Quilt: All Things Spring

All Things Spring

All Things Spring

This quilt began with picking leftover fabrics from past projects.  The center of the quilt started out as a quilt for Quilts of Compassion.  After the center was finished, I wanted more from this quilt.  The fabrics in the center encompassed several beautiful gifts that I had given to some very special people in my life.

Center fabrics are from:

  • My 1st quilt
  • Lauren’s placemats
  • Jacki’s placemats
  • Janice’s iPad case

The original name for this quilt was Pretty in Pink, however it was more purple than pink.  As I sat in my sewing room binding this quilt at the end of May, it reminded me of Springtime in Michigan.  The sights, sounds and smells brought a warm cozy feel as  it lay in my lap.  It reminded me of the disappearing or occasional snow, the grey skies, the flowers and birds, the emergence of green grass, the ripples on the lake as the ice began to melt, the color of the Redbud trees and the smell of the blooming lilacs at my Nana’s house in Douglas.  So… I have officially renamed this quilt:  All Things Spring.  It was quilted by Pam Heldt from Warm Memories Quilting who chose a beautiful flower and butterfly design.

As a former analyst/requirements writer/process engineer, I am always looking to improve something.  Ever since I started quilting, I have looked for the “rules” or “techniques” to the perfect binding and labeling.  I machine bind all my quilts because a quilt would never get finished if I had to hand bind it.  I have used the straight stitch up until now.  On this quilt, I used stitch #48 from my Brother XR1355 which is the reverse and similar to stitch #12 that I use for appliqué.  It creates a much softer finish and works well when the backing fabric and the outer front border are the same color.

IMG_9857 IMG_9858 IMG_9859

One last thing to finish…  Add a perfect label but most of all… Gift it to someone special.

Stash Buster Saturday: Amish Whirl

This past Saturday I attended a demonstration  class at the Quilt Patch.  The Amish Whirl block was showcased from “The Block Maker” book.

The two techniques used in the construction of this block are:  the Half-Rectangle and the sewing of the Locked Block.

Amish Whirl @ The Quilt Patch

Amish Whirl
@ The Quilt Patch

Stash Busting Opportunity:  Grandson’s Quilt

Goal:  Create quilt to lay on his bunk bed so he can make his bed.  Mattress top is W 37.5″ x L 74.5″ x H 12″.

Stash fabrics:

  • Construction:  3 yards (Backing+)
  • Kona Red, Yellow, Blue:  1 FQ each
  • Modern Yellow & Blue Print:  1 FQ each

Purchased fabrics:

  • Kona Green: 1 FQ
  • Modern Green & Red Print: 1 FQ each
  • Kona White: 1 yard (did not use)

Once we got started, my girl friend suggested that I fussy cut the center block from the construction fabric.  Based on the size of the trucks, I would need to cut a 4 1/2″ center which makes a 12″ block.  A 12″ block is also the most efficient use of the fat quarters for the 8 1/2″ rectangles.  In order to completely cover the mattress top, I would need 18 blocks however, the maximum number of blocks from 8 FQ’s is 16.  I will use 15 blocks for the quilt and make a throw pillow with the extra block.  I’ll make a coordinating pillowcase too.

I created the first block with white around the center block but quickly decided that it was way too much white for a 3 year old.


I decided to go really bold and pair the like color solids and pattern fabrics.  It is really bright.  Hope it doesn’t keep him up at night.


Maybe I should have used grey…


No!  The rest of the fabric is already cut and ready to go.  Finish it.  He will love it.