Baby Quilt for Molly Sue

Thank Goodness for Little Girls

Thank Goodness for Little Girls

This panel wall hanging, “Beauty is You”, was purchased at Alley Kat Quilt Shop in Marquette, MI during my Row by Row journey in 2014.  I thought I had purchased the panel set with the pink/orange/yellow girls as displayed in the store and shown on instruction sheet below, however when I opened the packet it revealed a different set of lovely girls.


Our friends had a new grand baby, Molly Sue.  I thought this would sew up quickly, which it did, to make a cute baby quilt.  It turned out so sweet even with the panel mix-up.  The outer border is mitered.  This quilt is being quilted by Mavis and hopefully I can finish binding and labeling it before our friend leaves for Colorado on May 29th.  I think I will make a pillowcase with the remaining small panels and fabric.

Heritage Quilters – Charity Donations

About one year ago, I joined a very small quilt group, Heritage Quilters of Brighton.  The group meets on the third Friday of the month, except July and August.  Meetings rotate to each of the member’s homes.  On the first Tuesday of the month, members gather for a Sew-In event at Creative Quilt Kits in Brighton.

Below are completed donations for different charity organizations.

IMG_8667 IMG_9718

Lovely burial gowns for preemie infants made by Linda and her daughter from Pam’s wedding gown.

IMG_9042 IMG_9040

IMG_9038 IMG_9036

IMG_9847 IMG_9846


Bibs made by Linda, Pam and Shirley for the senior center.

IMG_9033 IMG_9035

IMG_9714 IMG_9715 IMG_9716


Lap and wheel chair quilts made by Linda, Madeline and Mavis for the senior center.

Fabric donations are from friends of Madeline and from members’ stash.

Label: Nana’s Butterfly Trellis Quilt

Label: Nana's Butterfly Trellis

Label: Nana’s Butterfly Trellis

Here is the label for Nana’s Butterfly Trellis Quilt which is actually a finished mini-quilt.

Nana's Butterfly Trellis Quilt Back with Label

Nana’s Butterfly Trellis
Quilt Back with Label

In the future, I am going to design my labels into the quilt backs or develop a method to embroider the information into the binding.  I am thinking about having my Mom give this quilt back to me so I can frame the label and embroider the information on the base of the quilt.

Thread Catcher x 2

Thread Catcher for Annie

Thread Catcher for Annie

Thread Catcher for Michelle

Thread Catcher for Michelle

These thread catchers were made for my niece and sister.  I used batting in the body of the bag this time.  Since my niece has a nut allergy and my sister sews with my niece on a frequent basis, I filled these with lentils instead of crushed walnut shells.

Charity Quilt: Pseudo Disappearing 9-Patch

Pseudo Disappearing 9-Patch Beaded Bracelets

Pseudo Disappearing 9-Patch
Beaded Bracelets

With all the unfinished quilts in my sewing room, there I go again and start another quilt.  I love everything about this quilt.  The design, the colors, the fabrics and the reason for making this quilt.   It looks like a Disappearing 9-Patch but it is not built as such.  It has the perfect use of fabric.  It is made of six blocks and finishes 36″ x 54″ to create a nice lap quilt.  Add six more blocks and it will make a perfect twin-size quilt.  The hidden design includes seven Illinois roads.  It reminds me of beaded bracelets that you might wear in the summer and winter.

The original quilt I saw with this design added a 6 1/2″ strip border of the background fabric with corner squares in the fabric of the small squares with a multi-colored binding of the colors of the large squares.  The chevron fabric and whiskey colored fabric were left over from the Crown Royal Quilt finished in December.  The backing (not shown) is a beautiful creamy turquoise and Indian motorcycle fabrics.   I was hoping to finish this quilt in time for the delivery of quilts to Illinois for Quilts of Compassion, but I really wanted it quilted.  Donna will quilt it and I will bind it next month.  I will most likely bind with the chevron fabric.

Fabric Requirements: Lap Quilt (double for twin-size)

Large Squares: 6 – 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ each from 4 Fat Quarters (Chevron, Purple, Green, Turquoise)

Small Squares: 2 – 3 1/2″ x WOF ** (Whiskey)

Background: 2 – 6 1/2″ x WOF ** and 3 – 3 1/2″ x WOF subcut to 6 1/2″ (Grey)

** Sew together then subcut to 3 1/2″

IMG_9629 IMG_9630 IMG_9631

Charity Quilt: Disappearing 3-Rail

Disappearing 3-Rail Hugs & Kisses in all Directions

Disappearing 3-Rail
Hugs & Kisses in all Directions

This bright quilt has been sitting in my sewing room waiting to be quilted, however I struggled to find the right backing fabric.  I finally decided to check the Quilt Patch sale room to see if there was enough of either the red or blue fabric left in stock.  I purchased the end of bolt of the red fabric for the back and enough blue to bind this quilt.  This quilt will be donated to Quilts of Compassion.  Donna took it home to quilt it on her long arm and I will bind it next month.