Quilts of Compassion

Quilts of Compassion 1st Completed Quilt pameladianedesigns.com

Quilts of Compassion
1st Completed Quilt

While on vacation, I received a reminder email that Quilts of Compassion was holding a Sew-In Event at The Quilt Patch in Tecumseh, MI.  The event was originally the 1st Saturday of the month from January-May 2014 but it has been extended through December 2014.  All you have to bring is your sewing machine and notions including thread.  You can bring a bag lunch or eat out.  Fabric packets and batting are provided.  Fabric packets include the backing and eight 6″ strips.  If you are a newbie, like I was yesterday, don’t worry.  Janice Grimes (Founder) will provide directions and there were many other experienced quilters who were willing to help.  There were 16 participants including Janice.  Three of the participants were there to tie the quilts so all I had to do was sew.  I started a 2nd quilt which I brought home to finish and return next month as well as two additional quilts to work on.  Fabric donations are gladly accepted.  The event cost nothing but a little time.  I donated three different fabrics (2 yards each) from my stash that I didn’t think I would use in the near future.

It was an awesome and fun event and a great and meaningful volunteer experience.

Scrappy Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing Machine Cover Front pameladianedesigns.com

Sewing Machine Cover Front

Sewing Machine Cover Back pameladianedesigns.com

Sewing Machine Cover Back

Sewing Machine Cover Side pameladianedesigns.com

Sewing Machine Cover Side

My Singer Model 7442 came with a vinyl cover.  It was fine all those years I worked and never used my sewing machine.  Once I retired, my machine has been used non-stop and  has been toted back and forth.  With greater use, the vinyl cover started to rip.  I suppose that I could have purchased a new vinyl cover but I thought I might design one of my own using the existing cover for the pattern and scrap fabrics from past projects.  The fan fabric was used on a pillow I made for our Harley Owner Group Raffle (see Portfolio).  Believe it or not, my husband actually picked out this fabric!

I created the design last year and actually had the mid-section pieces done and the rest cut out.  I had kept the top open at the handle for easy carrying, just like the original vinyl cover.  The sides were cut too and now have pockets to hold the presser foot and the electric cord.  One of the pockets had already been quilted with black thread.  Since I was running out of fan fabric, the prior design included solid black on the top of each side which just wasn’t working for me.  I guess this is why it became a UFO!

Packing up for vacation, I was looking through my UFO’s for smaller projects to take along.  The unfinished Scrappy Sewing Machine Cover was a good candidate because it was small and partially finished.  Arriving at the condo, the vinyl cover ripped even more with a huge piece falling to the ground as my sewing machine was pulled from the car and carried into the condo.  That did it!  Good thing the Scrappy Sewing Machine Cover project came with because now it had to get done.

I finished the new design for the sides and I seam ripped all the quilting I had done on the pocket.  The black thread was too dark and heavy.  I quilted the pockets again, this time with aqua thread to mirror the new design at the top of each side.  I was very pleased with new side design and quilting, both created a more cohesive look.  I got all the outside pieces together and fully intended on lining the inside, but after all, this was vacation and our daughter and son-in-law were set to arrive the next day.  I might still make a fabric lining one day but for now I am really happy to have a cover that is not ripped and it looks pretty classy too.

Paper Piecing Mug Rug

Heritage Quilter's Workshop Paper Piecing Technique pameladianedesigns.com

Heritage Quilter’s Workshop
Paper Piecing Technique

I attended my first Heritage Quilter’s Meeting on March 21, 2014.  Mavis provided a workshop on Paper Piecing after Show-and-Tell.  I love this technique and will be sure to incorporate this in future quilts.  Love the sharp points!  Since we were headed out of town, I wasn’t able to finish this during the workshop but it was one of the projects that I finished while on vacation.

Celtic Twist Design

Mom's Quilt pameladianedesign.com

Mom’s Quilt

This is my 2nd attempt at making a quilt for my Mom.  It will be called Moroccan Twist.

The first quilt I made was called Moroccan Beauty which used the pattern Natural Beauty by Lori Mason.  The quilt is really beautiful and will be posted once it is finished.  I need to bind the quilt.  I ordered a walking foot for my machine while I was on vacation.  The design and the colors didn’t quite look like Mom thus I went searching for a new design.

I created a design for her new quilt called Church Pews but decided to look for something that was already published.  I found a new design in the Keepsake Quilting – Spring 2014 catalog.  Sweet Tart Parfait Kit on page 75.  My dilemma was that they didn’t show a pattern to purchase.  UGH!  I searched for the pattern but could not find it so I created the design on Excel including my own measurements and started cutting.  I was still puzzled about the creation of the Square block and asked fellow quilters for help and a wealth of information started to pour in.  My friend Shirley shared a few pages of pattern she had which was extremely helpful in creating the Square block.  This design also contains a Snowball block which helps to create the chaining design.  I later found the Celtic Twist at the McCall’s Quilting website under Blocks & Patterns tab or you can find it quicker under the Ireland Block of the Month.  Pages of different blocks can be found here and they are all FREE!

Did I tell you I love McCall’s Quilting?!

Well, of course, all my measurements are different and I am building it a little differently but the end design will be the same.

Celtic Twist using Excel pameladianedesigns.com

Celtic Twist using Excel

Here is the design I created on Excel.  I wasn’t able to add the triangles on the blue squares to create the Snowball block.  I have been looking for an easy design tool for my Mac.  I heard at the Heritage Quilters Meeting on March 21 that Electric Quilt now has design software for Mac.  Yeah!  You can now get EQ7 for the Mac.  It is also published on Page 18 of the May/June 2014 McCall’s Quilting magazine.  I need to start saving my pennies.

Mom's Quilt - All cut out pameladianedesigns.com

Mom’s Quilt – All cut out

Well, I was so excited about all that I had learned that I thought it best that I get it all cut out before we went on vacation.  I was afraid I might forget what I had learned by the time I got home.  A few of the blocks that were sewn before we left are shown above.  Even though I took my machine on vacation, I didn’t want to tackle this big of a project away from the comforts of my own sewing room.  I can’t wait to continue this project when I get home.